This information is important for us to check your final order. In 95% of cases the tool will suggest the right lines, but it may be that your yacht falls outside that range. Therefore we always check the order, with the type yacht and take up contact with you if necessary.

We use the following quantity discount:

> € 500 = 5%
> €1.000 = 10%
> €1.500 = 15%
> €2.000 = 20%
> €2.500 = 25%

The quality and price of the lines increase from day sailor to regatta sailor. Do you prefer better lines than strictly necessary for your regular use you can choose a profile higher, If you prefer cheaper lines you can choose a profile lower.

The diameter we advise is normally sufficient for your type of yacht. It could be that your yacht is currently equipped with thicker lines. In that case you could also choose for the diameter you currently use. This is not strictly necessary for the strength, but sensible because the jammer might be worn from the thicker line. You can also call us for advise.

The proposed color is the standard color of Rake Rigging for this line function. According with international standards of for instance Selden Masts we have developed extensive color schemes for al halyards and sheets. If you have your own colur scheme and want to differ from our color schemes you can choose for the "free line" which you can configurate in any color.

Click on the icon to see the length table. This can help you to choose the appropriate length for your running rigging.

Length table

Line function  
Mainsail halyard 2,5 x Mast length
Genoa Halyard 2,5 x Mast length
Genua Halyard (7/8) 2,0 x Mast length
Spinnaker Halyard 2,5 x Mast length
Genoa Halyard 2,5 x Mast length
Main sheet 6:1 6-8 x gieklengte
Mainsheet 4:1 5-6 x gieklengte
Genua sheet 135% 1,5 x scheepslengte
Genua sheet 100% 1,0 x scheepslengte
Spi sheet 1,5 x scheepslengte
Spi sheet 2,0 x scheepslengte
1st reef 2,5 x gieklengte
2nd reef 3,0 x gieklengte
3rd reef 3,5 x gieklengte
Outhaul 2,0 x gieklengte
Cunninghamhole 1,5 x gieklengte
Short mooring lines 1,0 x scheepslengte
Long mooring lines 1,4 x scheepslengte
Anchor lines  
Ankerlijnen 6,0 x average water depth cruising area

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